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  • 6 String Lute


    I do not have much information on this, maybe someone out there can help in identifying it a little more.

  • AWG LED Guitar


    A very unusual see through guitar made from plexiglass but with built in LEDs. Push the switch down the guitar lights up blue, flick the switch up and the guitar lights up white. Difficult to try and photograph the guitar all lit up but is definitely a WOW!! AWG is the logo of Andy Gray, a superb guitar tech who put this guitar together and spent a lot of time making sure it was one of a kind, he did a stunning job. I am open to any offers on this guitar, please email if interested.

  • Burns Marvin


    These instruments are re-creations of the two guitars supplied to The Shadows in 1964 – original production models varied considerably to the confusion of today’s collectors! A “Strictly Limited Edition” progressive production of Two Thousand and Four (2004) is proposed for these instruments – only 315 Burns Marvin guitars were made originally! Instruments are hand-made under strict licence in Japan and China, with final assembly and set-up being undertaken in the UK. Construction is of two-piece nature with the body being of selected Alder.

    The neck is of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and the fingerboard of high-grade Indian Rosewood. New tortoishell-effect scratch-plates are utilised, and the three Rez-o-Matic pick-ups are to original specifications utilising the correct wire and Alnico magnets. Pick-up covers and scratch-plates are engraved as per the original 1964 model. Both body and neck are finished in original vintage polyester.

    The unique Rez-o-Tube tremelo system (made exactly to original specifications from Duralumin) is the main feature of the guitar. Bridge saddles are stainless steel as is the tremelo arm. D’Addario 0.010″ to 0.046″ Medium Gauge Nickel-plated Strings (in keeping with Hank Marvin’s preferences) are fitted as original equipment.

  • Fender Strat Plus


    Named SPIKE, a 1994 Antique White 40th anniversary Fender USA Stratocaster Plus. Original Fender hard case. Pick up selector has been swapped for 3 switches which allows all pups on or off or any two switched out of phase, original switch comes with sale. (Three switches fit without any cutting or disfiguring). Excellent condition no dings or belt rash. Neck is perfect, frets are excellent, and it has a really low action. This is a beautiful guitar that I bought new, almost 30 years ago.

  • Gibson 335 Natural Blonde (1999)


    Historic Series Gibson 335 – 63 Block. The Historic Series are fine instruments, collectable in their own right.

    There were two Natural blond 335’s made in 1963; (see one on Like the 1963 models, a natural 63 Historic Block is also a rarity. This is a superior, Nashville built guitar – not the standard Memphis model

    The neck is one piece quarter sawn mahogany, the fretboard is a rich, dark rosewood. The headstock, which has a holly veneer and the high position crown inlay, is at the classic, pre 1965, 17 degree angle, the neck tenon is long. Pickups are 57 Classics and they, like the rest of the hardware, are nickel, rather than chrome, plated. Another important feature is the select woods that Gibson use for these guitars

    The finish, as with all Gibsons, is nitro. It’s in very good condition with just a couple tiny marks on the back. The frets are good and the action is low.

  • Gibson ES-175


    All original 1963 ES-175, in fantastic condition for age. Frets have been well played but have been dressed and it plays perfectly. Checking as you would expect but everything is as it should be. Case is not original, however it is absolutely beautiful and I think probably much better than original.

  • Gibson ES-335 Sunburst

    This is ‘old faithful’, he is a 1964 335 and is absolutely the best. However there are issues: First it sounds awesome. Plays like no other I know and looks as if it was made yesterday. That’s probably because it has been refinished and refretted. Has had tuners and internal wiring and pots replaced, however I still have the original ones. Case is not original. Please call me for the full story.

  • Gibson ES335 Alvin Lee


    2007 Gibson 335 Alvin Lee Signature Big Red. The guitar was a limited production and they are very hard to find. Custom Shop, in Cherry in very good condition, no dings scratches, signs of light use but with virtually no fret wear. Weighs in at 8.2 lbs and is 100% original. Certificate of Authenticity comes with the guitar as does original Gibson hard case. Please call for full details.

  • Gibson ES335 Cherry


    1963 Gibson 335 in cherry red. The sound is to die for! All original except for tuners, the originals are available with the guitar. Had bigsby fitted from new, which also is included. There are some marks on the body where the bigsby was fitted and the cherry has faded as would be expected. Please call for full details.

  • Gibson Les Paul Custom 57RI Black Beauty Triple Pickup

    Sorry recently sold!

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 57RI 3 pickups. Beautiful looking guitar with just a few small surface scratches, not through the gloss. No breaks, fret life excellent, hardly used. Has had a mod to change tone control to a volume pot for middle pickup, easily reversible. Comes with original case.

  • Hutchins ‘The Beast’


    This is certainly a beast, not for the fainthearted. Only 15 ever made so this is indeed very rare!! Comes with its own gigbag.

  • Indie ‘Dragon Guitar’


    Over the top mother of pearl dragons in body and down neck and gold plated parts. Looks stunning. Plays well also! The tip of the headstock (about 1cm) broke off, I have no idea how this happened, but it is stuck back on again. Looks OK but you can see the join up close. Comes with gig bag.