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Welcome and thank you for stopping to look at the ‘Guitarware’ website. I hope you will find some beautiful, desirable, classic and rare guitars, here. All makes, models, varieties and styles of guitars; electric, acoustic and classical can be sourced and guitars for all levels of player including beginners can be supplied. If you have in mind a particular guitar that you desire, I can attempt to help you find that model. However, you will be aware that this is not always a task that immediately produces results and can take some time until some rare model becomes available. Let me know what it is you require and I will use my connections from other collectors and sellers around the world to try and locate the instrument you want. There is no commitment from you and you do not have to purchase any instrument that I find.

Guitar Accessories

Guitarware Classic and Rare Guitars for Sale

Besides classic and rare guitars, you will also see amplifiers and other stringy things. Hope you enjoy having a look round and please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require further information on any item

Our Promise to You

All the products will be described honestly,‘warts and all’, if you then go on to purchase one of the items, you will be getting exactly what you wanted.

You will receive, the highest level of customer care and satisfaction and you are also encouraged to make contact for more information on individual items.